Josh McCullough

Skills & Tech

I am a highly skilled software engineer who prides himself on completing tasks on time while maintaining high quality standards and adhering to software development best practices. I...

  • mentor and train junior developers and implement coding standards;
  • do everything from infrastructure configuration to backend and frontend design and implementation;
  • plan, research, estimate and develop solutions for Federal & State Government and private-sector contracts;
  • am responsible for designing and developing sophisticated RESTful API (;
  • make and implement high-level decisions regarding overall application architecture, use and design;
  • design and develop SQL Server databases; inspect queries and apply performance updates as needed; utilize CouchDB and Elasticsearch database; and
  • am constantly learning new technologies, frameworks and tools.

Certifications & Skills

  • CMMI for Development v1.3 certified.
  • Bottom-up database design and development.
  • Project & feature design and development.
  • UI design and implementation.
  • Clean, organized, efficient, reusable code.
  • Automating as much as possible, whenever possible.
  • Writing and delivering internal and external documentation, demos, presentations, tutorials, etc.


  • .NET, C#, WebAPI 2, ASP.NET MVC & WebForms, Java
  • Node/NPM, JSPM, NuGet
  • Aurelia, HTML, CSS/SCSS/LESS, JavaScript, Typescript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Google MDL, Knockout, Highcharts/Highmaps
  • Visual Studio, VS Code, Eclipse, NetBeans
  • Git, Subversion, TFS/TFVC — view my profile on Github
  • IIS, Apache, Nginx, Tomcat, Weblogic
  • Elasticsearch, CouchDB, SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle
  • Windows, Linux
  • Networking, DNS, server management (Windows, Linux, Amazon Web Services)


  • Keeping up with the latest in software development.
  • 3D printing — QuantumConcepts on
  • General DIY and learning how things work.
  • Technology, astronomy, travel, photography.